The Houston Chronicle Conceals Texas Elections Code Violations

Where can a newspaper that conceals a candidates substantial Texas Election Code violations be reported? A newspaper that distorts the facts and slants editorial endorsements? The HOUSTON CHRONICLE is no longer trustworthy.

The League of Womens Voters Guide is the best way to learn about the candidates. Equal space. HOUSTON CHRONICLE practices selective reporting. CHRON CON keeps election code violations concealed if they support that candidate. CHRON CON forbids property tax complaints.

Businesses don't pay fair share of property taxes. Ex: HOUSTON CHRONICLE 4747 SW Fwy: 2017 Appraisal Bldg 29 Cents sq. ft. Land $30 s.f. CHRON CON endorsed incumbent Tax Assessor ANN BENNETT and concealed her many TX Election Code violations. This COVER-UP cannot stand. VOTE.

MARK MEDICI: You can stand by your ANN HARRIS BENNETT endorsement but you should reveal her mulitple election code violations. Each day you delay adds another day to CHRON CON COVER-UP. This stain on The Chronicle will not go away but show remorse before election March 3.

Hello Bill King: CHRONICLE 4747 SW Fwy: 2017 HCAD Appraisal Land $30 per sf, Bldg 29 CENTS per sf. In 2016 Chronicle endorsed Bennett and said she knows home owners pay too much, commercial not enough. EMPTY WORDS. Do you agree?

The Houston Chronicle endorsed ANN BENNETT for re-election as Tax Assessor while they HID her habitual election code violations. CHRON CON gets cheap appraisals and free HCAD ads. Will Chronicle call their COVER-UP "Fake News"?


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