"UNKNOWN ORIGIN" could be the title of many political tidbits from SEAN HANNITY, RUSS LIMBAUGH, TUCKER CARLSON, LINDSAY GRAHAM, MITCH McCONNELL. Thanks to the above we live in THE MISINFORMATION AGE. Please stick with the facts.

Health alerts and info should be presented by health professionals, not Democrats or Republicans, who might present a political slant. I am talking about Doctors Russian Limbaugh and Mean Sean Hannity. Are they doctors? Yes, President Trump probably awarded them TRUMP UNIVERSITY degrees.

The Trump virus can only spread to former Republicans who became TRUMP ETS. The only cure will be available in November.

Someone might have suggested PENCE VIRUS but nobody up stages the greatest president of all time.

Sean Hannity is sad that President Idol is not getting more credit from the media for fighting the coranavirus with his bare hands.  I am sorry, Sean, but it seems like you want to hold the monopoly on who can be the most obsequious to President AMERICA.

Wait a while, MEAN SEAN! Your IDOL will be more glorified when he claims full credit for the vaccine and the world will kneel before him.

Sean, keep your Repugnican views out of health issues. You are not an expert on everything. You are no Donald Trump.

Republicans have talked for decades how they are the party of national security but know it seems they are the party of whining and crying. The coronavirus story should be about how to protect citizens from the virus - with Trump and his minions, the coronavirus story is about the media makes Trump look bad because he doesn't want to spend money to fight it and also about how the Democrat debate is somehow tanking the stock market, which is weird because the debate aired after the market closed.

The Trump boys sure do talk about bravery and strength and yet where were they after 9-11? It seems that Junior helped protect our country by being a bartender. 

Is there a single veteran in the Trump family? Eric and Junior are big strong guys.


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