JASPER SCHERER was told to discredit JACK TERENCE at HOUSTON CHRONICLE screening comm.

On Feb.18 Jasper wrote "Tax Assessor-Collector Bennett faces spirited primary challenge from Jones."  Bennett and Jones received 65 lines of favorable coverage while I received 10 distorted lines.  

Poor Jasper was not allowed to mentioned in his "story" my allegations of Bennett's habitual election code violations or the Chronicle's cheap appraisals. Example in 2017 when Bennett took office the Chronicle building appraisal at 4747 Southwest Fwy. was reduced to 29 Cents per sq. ft. 

Jasper, who sat silently for about 1.5 hours at the February 3rd screening, wrote that I had some conspiracy theory about HCAD and the Chronicle. He also wrote that I falsely claimed that Bennett received a contribution from Rudy Giuliani.  

I feel sorry for anyone who is forced to do something that he/she does not want to do.  But Jasper's story confirms that THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE engaged in a COVER-UP of Bennett's election code violations.


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