It is hard to understand why the Chronicle and Tax Assessor ANN HARRIS BENNETT would deny and conceal her habitual violation of The Texas Election Code. 

Anyone can find the records at the county clerks office or online. Bennett filed numerous late reports and did not file two reports. They think this will blow away after the March 3rd primary.  

In 2010, Bennett ran for county clerk in the Democratic primary March 2. The 30 day report was 32 days late, the 8 day report was 10 days late. (The Chronicle cites her administrative skills while Bennett claims almost 30 years of legal experience.) 

In 2012 Bennett ran for Tax Assessor in the Dem. primary May 29. The 30 day report for the Nov. 6 general election was one day late and not properly notarized. 

In 2014 Bennett ran for county clerk in the contested March 4th Dem. primary. The 30 day report and the 8 day report due prior to the March 4 primary were NOT FILED. The 30 day report due prior to the general election Nov. 4, 2014 was three days late.  

Bennett's had FIVE LATE REPORTS just for the year 2016. The Chronicle brags about how much time their professional journalists devote to their endorsements. And CHRON CON suggests you vote their way. 

I may be a perennial candidate but the only losers are those who let The Chroncile tell them how to vote.


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