Above The HOUSTON CHRONICLE Store are these words "TRUSTED NEWSPAPER." To me that means "BUYER BEWARE." The store sells Chronicle exclusives, books, special editions, front page editions and says perfect for gifts.

The most difficult Chronicle collectible is unattainable: a Houston ChronicleTop Workplace poster. CHRON CON gets free publicity as HCAD proudly hangs these posters from HCAD entrance to the outhouses.

The most valuable is the 2017 edition which is still hanging along with 2018 and 2019 freebees. An autographed poster signed by HCAD Chairperson and Tax Assessor @voteannbennett and Chief Appraiser ROLAND ALTINGER would be invaluable.

The sale of one of these valuable posters might be enough to pay the property taxes in the Houston Heights for 2.5 months. Beware of CHRON CON scammers dealing with Chronicle logos on HCAD printouts. In 2017 there was only one Chronicle logo on HCAD printouts.

In 2019 there are three. If Bennett is re-elected there will be seven logos at the end of her second term. HCAD will need an interior designer to accomodate all the new posters.

I estimate that three sets of Chronicle logos on HCAD printouts (nine printouts) are worth 29 CENTS, the same building appraisal per sq. ft. for the Chronicle at 4747 SW Fwy in 2017.

STEVE RILEY and MARK MEDICI did not approve this message. But I do not approve of their conscious, planned COVER-UP of ANN HARRIS BENNETT's habitual Texas Election Code violations.


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