THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE knows that Harris County Tax Assessor ANN HARRIS BENNETT is an habitual Texas Election Code violator.  I have accused Bennett of code violations and sent documentation to The Chronicle.

The Chronicle endorsed Bennett in 2016 and they have permitted Bennett to use the 2016 endorsement in 2020. I have been waiting for The Chronicle to review my evidence or conduct their own investigation. 

On Tuesday, February 18, 2020, I read a Chronicle article by Jasper Scherer over the computer. This article does not fairly represent the Chronicle Screening Inteview Feb. 3, 2020 of Ann Harris Bennett, Jolanda Jones and Jack Terence. 

Extensive coverage was given to Bennett and Jones. I was not surprised by my limited coverage and attempted smear. During this interview, I accused Bennett three times of being an habitual election code violator and offered to withdraw if I was not truthful.  Bennett denied each of my three allegations in the presence of three Chronicle employees.

This 2-18-2020 Chronicle article reveals an active manipulation of this screening interview. The Houston Chronicle's conscious failure to release incriminating evidence constitutes a self serving COVER-UP.  



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