Remember this Chronicle subscription promo from 1991? People from all over Texas were encouraged to enter. The Chronicle rules allowed participants to put as many coupons as they wanted in one envelope.

This obligated the Chronicle to open each and every envelope. If you purchased 30 Chronicles and placed 30 coupons in one envelope you thought you had 30 chances to win. The Chronicle did not open the countless thousands of envelopes.

I found thousands of unopened envelopes at a paper recycling plant. Since I had a very small weekly newspaper I was very hesitant to file a complaint. Finally I went to the Post Office Dept. and then was sent to the Harris County District Attorney.

The Chronicle then changed their contest rules. Contests since then do not require buying a Chronicle and limit each person to one entry. Several months ago I opened a thick envelope which contained 47 coupons. Chron Con has never admitted there "mistake."

A Chron Con lawyer phoned me shortly after my complaint and tried to intimidate me. Later when I ran another losing race for Houston City Council the Chronicle endorsed the other person and referred to me as "UNFIT FOR PUBLIC OFFICE." No details were provided by Chron Con.

I have always been a whistle blower and I am too old to change. But Chron Con is advised that my reputation belongs to me and my family. I am the only one who can tarnish my name.


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