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"UNKNOWN ORIGIN" could be the title of many political tidbits from SEAN HANNITY, RUSS LIMBAUGH, TUCKER CARLSON, LINDSAY GRAHAM, MITCH McCONNELL. Thanks to the above we live in THE MISINFORMATION AGE. Please stick with the facts.

Health alerts and info should be presented by health professionals, not Democrats or Republicans, who might present a political slant. I am talking about Doctors Russian Limbaugh and Mean Sean Hannity. Are they doctors? Yes, President Trump probably awarded them TRUMP UNIVERSITY degrees.

The Trump virus can only spread to former Republicans who became TRUMP ETS. The only cure will be available in November.

Someone might have suggested PENCE VIRUS but nobody up stages the greatest president of all time.

Sean Hannity is sad that President Idol is not getting more credit from the media for fighting the coranavirus with his bare hands.  I am sorry, Sean, but it seems like you want to hold the monopoly on who can be the most obsequious to President AMERICA…


It is hard to understand why the Chronicle and Tax Assessor ANN HARRIS BENNETT would deny and conceal her habitual violation of The Texas Election Code. 

Anyone can find the records at the county clerks office or online. Bennett filed numerous late reports and did not file two reports. They think this will blow away after the March 3rd primary.  

In 2010, Bennett ran for county clerk in the Democratic primary March 2. The 30 day report was 32 days late, the 8 day report was 10 days late. (The Chronicle cites her administrative skills while Bennett claims almost 30 years of legal experience.) 

In 2012 Bennett ran for Tax Assessor in the Dem. primary May 29. The 30 day report for the Nov. 6 general election was one day late and not properly notarized. 

In 2014 Bennett ran for county clerk in the contested March 4th Dem. primary. The 30 day report and the 8 day report due prior to the March 4 primary were NOT FILED. The 30 day report due prior to the general election Nov. 4, 2014 was three d…


Charles Kuffner, well-known and influential blogger for 20 years, envisions himself as a kingmaker.

He is an informed and talented writer but many candidates know him as an insulting bully.

He omits information that is harmful to candidates that he and his patron, the Houston Chronicle, support.

I am more of a kingmaker than Kuffner. The candidates that I run against get elected.

Charles, wear some long pants and be a candidate yourself. You will learn some humility.

Bully bloggers who say that I and many other under-financed candidates are losers, perennials, gadflies and fringe candidates undermine our country.

Competition is good. You can learn something from anyone. Tis better to have run and lost than to never have run at all.


After graduating from the U. of Houston, I was attending law school when I made a move which altered my life forever.  I became one of the first Peace Corps Volunteers from Houston and was sent to The Philippines as a teacher.

If some Filipinos learned to say "ain't" and "yawl" and used double negatives, that would be alright. Although I was friendly and sincere, I might have felt a little smarter than those around me at times.

I had the shop teacher build a small one room building on the school grounds. I slept there a bit or would go there during the day. I needed a curtain over the window for privacy. I had someone sew a seam on a piece of cloth. But there were no curtain rods.

But my American know-how would not fail me. One morning I attempted to push a wimpy piece of string through the narrow curtain seam. The morning turned into lunch time and I was still hard at work.

Some students walked by and one saw what I was trying to do. She pulled out the string and …


Above The HOUSTON CHRONICLE Store are these words "TRUSTED NEWSPAPER." To me that means "BUYER BEWARE." The store sells Chronicle exclusives, books, special editions, front page editions and says perfect for gifts.

The most difficult Chronicle collectible is unattainable: a Houston ChronicleTop Workplace poster. CHRON CON gets free publicity as HCAD proudly hangs these posters from HCAD entrance to the outhouses.

The most valuable is the 2017 edition which is still hanging along with 2018 and 2019 freebees. An autographed poster signed by HCAD Chairperson and Tax Assessor @voteannbennettand Chief Appraiser ROLAND ALTINGER would be invaluable.

The sale of one of these valuable posters might be enough to pay the property taxes in the Houston Heights for 2.5 months. Beware of CHRON CON scammers dealing with Chronicle logos on HCAD printouts. In 2017 there was only one Chronicle logo on HCAD printouts.

In 2019 there are three. If Bennett is re-elected there will be seven …

The Houston Chronicle Conceals Texas Elections Code Violations

Where can a newspaper that conceals a candidates substantial Texas Election Code violations be reported? A newspaper that distorts the facts and slants editorial endorsements? The HOUSTON CHRONICLE is no longer trustworthy.

The League of Womens Voters Guide is the best way to learn about the candidates. Equal space. HOUSTON CHRONICLE practices selective reporting. CHRON CON keeps election code violations concealed if they support that candidate. CHRON CON forbids property tax complaints.

Businesses don't pay fair share of property taxes. Ex: HOUSTON CHRONICLE 4747 SW Fwy: 2017 Appraisal Bldg 29 Cents sq. ft. Land $30 s.f. CHRON CON endorsed incumbent Tax Assessor ANN BENNETT and concealed her many TX Election Code violations. This COVER-UP cannot stand. VOTE.

MARK MEDICI: You can stand by your ANN HARRIS BENNETT endorsement but you should reveal her mulitple election code violations. Each day you delay adds another day to CHRON CON COVER-UP. This stain on The Chronicle will not go aw…

JASPER SCHERER was told to discredit JACK TERENCE at HOUSTON CHRONICLE screening comm.

On Feb.18 Jasper wrote "Tax Assessor-Collector Bennett faces spirited primary challenge from Jones."  Bennett and Jones received 65 lines of favorable coverage while I received 10 distorted lines.  

Poor Jasper was not allowed to mentioned in his "story" my allegations of Bennett's habitual election code violations or the Chronicle's cheap appraisals. Example in 2017 when Bennett took office the Chronicle building appraisal at 4747 Southwest Fwy. was reduced to 29 Cents per sq. ft. 

Jasper, who sat silently for about 1.5 hours at the February 3rd screening, wrote that I had some conspiracy theory about HCAD and the Chronicle. He also wrote that I falsely claimed that Bennett received a contribution from Rudy Giuliani.  

I feel sorry for anyone who is forced to do something that he/she does not want to do.  But Jasper's story confirms that THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE engaged in a COVER-UP of Bennett's election code violations.


Remember this Chronicle subscription promo from 1991? People from all over Texas were encouraged to enter. The Chronicle rules allowed participants to put as many coupons as they wanted in one envelope.

This obligated the Chronicle to open each and every envelope. If you purchased 30 Chronicles and placed 30 coupons in one envelope you thought you had 30 chances to win. The Chronicle did not open the countless thousands of envelopes.

I found thousands of unopened envelopes at a paper recycling plant. Since I had a very small weekly newspaper I was very hesitant to file a complaint. Finally I went to the Post Office Dept. and then was sent to the Harris County District Attorney.

The Chronicle then changed their contest rules. Contests since then do not require buying a Chronicle and limit each person to one entry. Several months ago I opened a thick envelope which contained 47 coupons. Chron Con has never admitted there "mistake."

A Chron Con lawyer phoned me shortly after my c…


THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE knows that Harris County Tax Assessor ANN HARRIS BENNETT is an habitual Texas Election Code violator.  I have accused Bennett of code violations and sent documentation to The Chronicle.

The Chronicle endorsed Bennett in 2016 and they have permitted Bennett to use the 2016 endorsement in 2020. I have been waiting for The Chronicle to review my evidence or conduct their own investigation. 
On Tuesday, February 18, 2020, I read a Chronicle article by Jasper Scherer over the computer. This article does not fairly represent the Chronicle Screening Inteview Feb. 3, 2020 of Ann Harris Bennett, Jolanda Jones and Jack Terence. 
Extensive coverage was given to Bennett and Jones. I was not surprised by my limited coverage and attempted smear. During this interview, I accused Bennett three times of being an habitual election code violator and offered to withdraw if I was not truthful.  Bennett denied each of my three allegations in the presence of three Chronicle employees.