COMPARE YOUR IMPROVEMENT VALUE Per. Sq. Ft. to the HOUSTON CHRONICLE, 4747 Southwest Freeway in Houston, which was   

29 CENTS in 2017   

74 CENTS in 2018   

$4.68 in 2019    

COMPARE YOUR LAND VALUE Per Sq. Ft. to the Chronicle, 4747 Southwest Freeway, which was 

$30 in 2017   

$31.20  in 2018    

$30 in 2019      

When Ann Harris Bennett became Harris County Tax Collector in 2017, the Chronicle's land value was increased to $30 per square foot but the improvement appraisal was lowered from $9,503,300 to $101,360  (29 CENTS)  Per Sq. Ft.

The Houston Chronicle endorsed Ann Harris Bennett in 2016 and stated in their editorial that "SHE RECOGNIZES HOW OUR PROPERTY TAX SYSTEM TREATS HOME OWNERS UNFAIRLY IN CONTRAST TO COMMERCIAL PROPERTY OWNERS."         

Let us become tax protesters. Send your street name and zip code only (do not include your name and street number) and compare your property to the Houston Chronicle, 4747 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77027. 

My email address is or find me on Twitter at

Let's challenge this abuse.  Thank you and best wishes.


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