Tis better to have run and lost than to have never run at all.   

I have been a candidate many times while trying to offer a few ideas. I was an early advocate for single-member council districts and term limits which would offer more opportunities for  minorities.  

Occasionally I would offer a novel idea.  In 1970 - 1971 there were eight white men on Houston city council.  Five of the eight were: Curly Miller, Frank Mancuso, Frank Mann, and Jim McConn who would replace Lee McLemore.  

In 1978 - 1979, the mayor was Jim McConn and four of the councilmen were: Larry McKaskle, Louis Macey, Frank Mancuso, and Frank Mann.  

Do you see my point?  Why should one letter have one half of the city council slots? What about the other 25 letters in the alphabet?   

"To all those who said that I and many other under-financed candidates were losers, perennials, and fringe candidates I say to you: competition is good for America. 

I could have been a contender..............if I changed my name to "McTerence.'


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