ANN HARRIS BENNETT Tax Collector Approves of Free Houston Chronicle Signs at HCAD Outhouse; ReBUTtal by Jack Terence

1. Houston Chronicle Lauds HCAD Outhouse as Top Workplace     

2. Chron Con gets free ads at HCAD John   

3.  Chronicle Soliciting Subs   

4. Chronicle - HCAD contaminate Ethics    

5, Houston Chronicle Appraisal District   

6. Big Brother is Watching    

7. Do not throw Chronicles in the Commode.

8. Chronicle or CHRONIC LiE   

9. Houston: We have a tax problem 

10. HCAD Been H AD

11. Chronicle HCAD Win Trump -et Award   

12. It's A Dirty Job But Chronicle and HCAD Want to do it   

13. Beware Chronicle Bearing Signs   

14. Will TV Stations seek HCAD Outhouse Bragging Rights?  

15  Will Chief Appraiser ROLAND ALTINGER be the Last Man Sitting?


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